ATM at your doorstep

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Did you know an ATM can come to your doorstep?

Yes, you read it right, now Eko is bringing all types of essential Banking Services including Cash Withdrawal, Cash Deposit and Money transfer at your doorstep.

Initiative- Banking at your doorstep

During this lockdown amid Coronavirus, Eko realized that people are facing a problem to do their essential banking services like Cash Withdrawal from ATMs, Cash Deposits and et al.

We know how important cash is these days to buy daily groceries and essential items.

So Eko has taken an initiative to provide on-demand banking services at your society, where you can withdraw cash using your aadhaar number and biometric, UPI as well as Credit/Debit Card.

How to book Banking Services for your society?

It’s very simple, an RWA member can call on the numbers provided below or can visit and write to us




Reassuring Customer’s safety

Eko cares for you and the Nation both, Eko is aware that hygiene is the most important these days to break the ongoing Coronavirus chain, so our Partners take all the safety and precautions during the transaction.

  • They use a new mask every day.
  • Sanitize their hands after every cash handling.
  • Customers are also requested to sanitize their hands before and after the transaction
  • Clean the biometric device after every transaction.
  • They sanitize notes as far as possible.

What Eko needs from the Society

Eko needs only two things

  • A bottle of drinking water
  • A sitting area ( Chair, Table at all )

All you need to know about Eko

Eko has served over 50 Million customers till date, is available over a merchant network of 1,50,000 customers and enables over 7 Million banking transactions a month. Eko does this via its own network and by providing APIs to over 300 partners who have built their own business on top of the Eko platform.