Eko launches ALTBalaji on the new and improved EkoStore!

In its efforts to bring more customers into the online fold, Eko has joined hands with the popular subscription-based video streaming service - ALTBalaji. With this launch, Eko will be offering its merchant base, the option to sell ALTBalaji video streaming service to its customers.  The merchants will be able to do so through Eko’s digital platform known as the EkoStore. 

What is EkoStore?

Eko’s merchants can access its online platform ‘EkoStore’ to perform a host of activities for their walk-in customers. While money transfer is the mainstay for these merchants, Eko has been vigorously adding a slew of customer services to the platform, which the merchants can sell to the customers. 

Known as the EkoStore, the platform offers merchants the opportunity to fulfil various customer requests such as money transfer, mobile phone recharges, bill payments, subscription to entertainment and educational services etc. 

EkoStore helps the offline customer who cannot make online transactions. With Eko, he can simply visit a merchant store and get the job done in exchange of cash. The merchant can collect the cash physically and perform the requested online transaction for the customer. 

Launching ALTBalaji on EkoStore 

With the launch of ALTBalaji, Eko has moved one step ahead in its journey to make its offline customers digitally enabled. Now merchants can sell an ALTBalaji subscription to their customers in exchange of cash. 

ALTBalaji will benefit from Eko’s large merchant base which will help them achieve a faster growth for their subscription based digital video streaming platform. It will give them access to the offline audiences who would love to watch their content but do not have the necessary digital knowledge. 

How does it work?

Customers can pay cash to the merchant for subscribing to the video streaming service. The merchant will punch in customer’s registered mobile number into the EkoStore platform. The customer will get an OTP to confirm the transaction. 

The process is quite simple for merchants to follow as the EkoStore interface is akin to the android play store where he can choose the service requested by the customer and complete the necessary transaction. 

EkoStore works for everyone!

The merchants can also use Eko to sell insurance plans, mobile recharges, subscription to services like English speaking courses and video streaming. The merchants are not limited to cash collection only as the store gives merchants the opportunity to increase their transactional volume by providing them with a range of products to sell through Eko. The company also has affiliate partnerships will e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon allowing them to offer attractive consumer deals from both partners. 

With an interesting mix of utility tools, entertainment services and online shopping deals, Eko provides its merchants with an attractive customer proposition. This is an effort to assist the merchants improve their transactional output and also provide the customers with an easy way to become digitally present without making online transactions. In a country that is gearing up for a financially inclusive and digital future, Eko’s services are a testament to its commitment to the cause.