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An Initiative with RWA

Home delivery of ATM

Eko along with RWA is taking an initiative to deliver its Banking Services to every individual. Retailers can deliver cash & give cash-deposit service to every society, apartment, and other residence. Retailers can run their business even during this crisis, while the customers can get these services right at their doorstep.


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Keep your business running during the lockdown

Keep earning money eveen during the lockdown. Keep serving these doorstep essential setvices and keep your livelihood secure in the process.
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Ensuring retailer & customer safety at all steps

We have made specific guidelines for our retailers to keep themselves and the customers safe while delivering these services.
  • Kiosk will be available outside the main entrance of the society
  • Service availability will only be for 1hr & 30min in a day
  • Our retailers will sit with all the advised precautionary measures for Covid-19
  • Each person who requires service will be queued into a numbered circle mark
  • The retailers and every customer must wear a face-mask at all time
  • Use of hand sanitizer before & after getting our banking services rendered is mandatory.
  • After every biometric transaction, the retailer will sanitize the biometric device.
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Eko’s Trust

With Eko's 12+ years of experience in leading the money transfer space in India, we assure your customer's hard-earned money reaches the destination

How does doorstep cash delivery work

Doorstep delivery is fairly simple. Things do not go wrong often, but when they do, you can count on us to solve your problems. 

For all issues, we provide 24x7 support.

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