Eloka by Eko: SaaS Solution for Small Businesses

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When thinking of starting a new business, multiple challenges pop up – from ideation to building a brand, user onboarding to deciding the product offerings. Introducing Eloka by Eko, a revolutionary SaaS platform designed specifically to overcome these hurdles and provide a sustainable economic engine for micro-entrepreneurs. In this post, we’ll unravel how Eloka empowers businesses and why it’s a game-changer for micro-entrepreneurs.

What is Eloka? §

Eloka is a comprehensive, white-labeled SaaS platform tailored for entities such as retail or distribution network owners, small businesses, NBFCs, small banks, and social organizations. The aim is simple: to enable these partners to set up their own business operations within a mere 30 minutes.

Main Benefits of Eloka §

1. Quick Start to Economic Empowerment

Eloka’s primary objective is to pave the way for micro-entrepreneurs like shopkeepers and gig-workers to access capital to grow their business and availability of tools to digitize their business. The projected earnings? A promising average of ₹25000 per month, with a targeted growth rate of 5% month on month.

2. Comprehensive Solution for Business Challenges

Eloka addresses the major pain points of kickstarting a small business:

Admin dashboard example
Admin Dashboard

3. Transparent Pricing

Subscription packs example

With a fixed subscription pricing model, businesses can scale without the worry of transactional charges.

The full benefits of scaling are thus passed on directly to the businesses.

4. Rich Product Suite

From access to capital for growing their business to availability of tools for digitizing their business, Eloka boasts a diverse range of financial products. And the cherry on top? New integrations are continually added for existing users, free of charge.

Agent homepage example
Agent Homepage

5. Customization at Its Best

Customizability lies at the heart of Eloka. Whether it’s branding, logo, theme colors, or even product margins, businesses have the flexibility to tailor as per their requirements. Moreover, its versatility allows it to be apt for various business models, be it a bill payment app or a lending app.

Themes example
Choose from existing themes or create your own

6. Cutting-Edge Technology for Scale

At the foundation of Eloka’s unparalleled offerings lies its robust technological backbone. Powered by Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure, it guarantees seamless scalability to handle the growing demands of businesses. The platform is crafted using a modern tech stack, including React, Next.js, Node.js, Java, and the Android SDK. This ensures not only a smooth user experience but also reliability and speed, allowing businesses to focus on growth without technological constraints.

7. Technology for the Last Mile – The Path Ahead

With our years of experience in building fintech software for the last-mile, we ensure that the app is as easy to use for first time internet users as it is capable for power users.

Not just features like localization in regional languages, we are also researching to leverage technologies from voice input to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Generative AI can aid in automating customer service, thereby providing a tailored and efficient user experience. Meanwhile, voice input technology makes the platform accessible to those who may find traditional interfaces challenging to navigate.

By adopting these technologies, we aim to create an inclusive ecosystem that doesn’t just serve but excels in meeting the unique needs of the last-mile users.

Command Bar Screenshot
The Context-Aware Command Bar

8. Additional Perks

The Eloka Family: Our Early Adopters §

Some of our early adopters

Since our recent soft-launch, we’ve already partnered with over 28 organizations, each of whom has leveraged our platform to build their unique brand and business.

These early adopters have been more than just clients; they’ve been collaborators. Their invaluable feedback and suggestions have played a crucial role in the ongoing refinement of our platform, for them and future partners alike.

In Conclusion §

Eloka isn’t just a software platform; it’s a promise by Eko to transform the lives of micro-entrepreneurs. By eliminating traditional roadblocks and offering unmatched features, it aims to stand as the preferred economic engine for small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs.

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