QR payment API

Now you can provide convenient and efficient payment options to enhance customer experience, and streamline transaction processes by leveraging the popularity and widespread use of QR code-based payments.

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Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

QR payment API is well-documented and easy to understand. We provide 24x7 manual integration support.

Robust and Authentic Code

Robust and Authentic Code

Our backend is powered by robust code and is proactively maintained to keep your API up and running.

Eko's Trust

Eko's Trust

We use the same APIs here at Eko! Every API call is secured with one-time-use tokens generated using asymmetric cryptography. Our open-source libraries make it extremely easy & error-proof.

How to integrate QR Payment API

Step 1:

Sign Up on Connect App.

Step 2:

Submit your KYC documents.

Step 3:

Complete UAT Testing.


Step 4:

Finalize your API integration

Step 5:

IP whitelisting (Indian only)

Step 6:

Go live with your production credentials!

QR Payment API

Eko’s QR Payment API provides an end-to-end solution from QR code generation to payment collection. The transaction flow is as follows:

1 - The user provides their mobile number against which their QR code is generated.

2 - If any payment is made against QR code, the amount is reflected on their wallet.

3 - Response and payload is shared with partner by callback url. As well as they can look at status in transaction history in connect application

For all integration related issues, we provide 24x7 support.

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