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Become an Insurance agent

Help your customers secure their lives by becoming an insurance agent. No, not the kind of agent who bothers people by going to their houses only to tell them they could die, but the kind who people themselves approach for their insurance needs.

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Sell exclusive and affordable insurance policies

Insurance premium

Make premium payment for your customers

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Get cashback for every insurance/premium sold


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Exclusive low-cost insurance policy

Sell low-cost insurance policies not available on any other platform.
One time premium
One-time premium
One-time premiums are also available for customers who do not need long-term policies. There is something for everyone!
Easy claim process
Easy claim process
Making claims should be as easy as buying loans and so we offer a process that involves lesser paperwork and more support.
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Eko’s Trust

Trust is indeed the most important factor when it comes to insurance. Over the years, we have built a reputation for safety with all our services. Our partners trust us with their money, and we never disappoint them.

How to sell insurance

Use your Connect account to tell your customers about the insurance policies available exclusively on Eko’s platform.

The process of selling insurance is easy.
For all issues, we provide 24x7 support.


Eko’s PAN API provides an easy “Type and Click” process for pan verification.

Type - Enter pan number in a text box.

Click - Press the submit button

At the backend, the pan number is first sent to NSDL, which returns the name associated with the pan number.

For all issues, we provide 24x7 support.

Type - Enter pan number in a text box.

Click - Press the submit button

Type - Enter pan number in a text box.

Click - Press the submit button

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