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Your own financial platform

Provide financial services at your doorstep

Eko gives you an opportunity to turn your own shop into a Finacial institution. Customers who do not have bank accounts and still want to transfer money using cash can do so at your shop. You can pay their utility bills, provide them insurance and earn in every service you give. Easy and effective!

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Eko empowers Retailers, Individuals & Businesses with over 20 ways of making extra money offering our services to their customers

Provide banking services

Pay utility bills

Assited commerce capabilities

How to become a retailer Partner

Becoming Eko’s Partner is easy and takes just few minutes. As soon as you are done with this you can immediately start making money.

For all issues, we provide 24x7 support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You get India’s fastest and most dependable platform for financial and non-financial services. You also get 24x7support, and access to our collaterals such as posters, standees, tent cards, etc.

Eko provides you the platform. It is entirely up to you whether you want to sell all products & services or focus on just a few of them.

That depends entirely on you. Many of our retailers earn in lacs offering our services. 

You can start with as little as Rs.1,000. Contact our sales team to get you started.

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