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Bank account verification API

Verify recipient account number before any transaction

Bank account numbers are usually long & difficult to remember. Before sending money to any bank account, it should ideally be verified to avoid customer complaints. Using Eko’s bank account verification API, you can verify any bank account number with the click of a button.


Seamless Integration
Account verification API is well-documented & easy to understand. Integrating it is easy & we provide 24x7 manual integration support just in case, leaving no stone unturned to make the integration process seamless.
Simple Documentation
The documentation for our APIs is comprehensive and comprehensible! We constantly update it to explain the minutest detail. Whether you use Python, Java, PHP, or C#, we have you covered!
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We use the same APIs here at Eko! Every API call is secured with one-time-use tokens generated using asymmetric cryptography. Our open-source libraries make it extremely easy & error-proof

How to integrate account verification API

The process of integrating bank verification API is easy.
For all integration related issues, we provide 24x7 support.

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