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Build your own ATM network

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS)

AePS allows a customer to use Aadhaar and access their bank account to perform basic banking transactions like cash-deposit, cash-withdrawal, intrabank or interbank fund-transfer, balance-inquiry, and access their mini statement with just their fingerprint.
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Easy Cash Withdrawal

AePS allows your retailers to turn their shop into an ATM and let customers withdraw cash using their Aadhaar & fingerprint.
Jan Dhan Government Benefit | Withdraw Direct Benefit Transfers with Aeps

Jan Dhan Government Benefit

AePS allows your customers to withdraw their DBT (Direct Benefit Transfers) from government in their Jan Dhan account.


Instant retailer onboarding

No chargeback requests required

Industry-leading success rates

Seamless integration with AePS SDK

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Eko’s Trust

We use the same APIs here at Eko! Every API call is secured with one-time-use tokens generated using asymmetric cryptography. Our open-source libraries make it extremely easy & error-proof

How it Works

The process of integrations is easy.
For all integration related issues, we provide 24x7 support.


Eko’s PAN API provides an easy “Type and Click” process for pan verification.

Type - Enter pan number in a text box.

Click - Press the submit button

At the backend, the pan number is first sent to NSDL, which returns the name associated with the pan number.

For all issues, we provide 24x7 support.

Type - Enter pan number in a text box.

Click - Press the submit button

Use your Connect account to tell your customers about the insurance policies available exclusively on Eko’s platform.

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