How to make the best use of Eko APIs?

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Eko offers a digital platform for businesses to maximize revenue by incorporating our professional financial services into your bouquet of offerings. You can get our pre-programmed APIs to empower your merchants with banking services at their shops.

Here’s an overview:

API stands for Application Programming Interface –APIs are digital intermediary functions that allow a software to access data and interact with other software. Fintech APIs are widely used to streamline banking services and to make banking more accessible.

Bringing banking to the unbanked / Inclusive Banking for India §

Eko is a stellar name among India’s most trusted financial solutions providers. Founded in 2007, Eko is serving more than 55 million users across numerous locations in the country. More than 300 third-party businesses are using Eko APIs as their core system. Leveraging Eko APIs will be advantageous to you as well as your retailers.

With Eko APIs you can offer the following basic facilities:

Money Transfer §

Domestic Money Transfer made easy with Eko’s API suite. Eko’s APIs help merchants to provide various money transfer services offered by us. Customers who require to transfer money can approach retailers anytime, anywhere and make use of the services through the APIs. Gain more to your potential by partnering with us.

Withdrawals & Disbursements §

Card-less transactions are at your merchants’ fingertips with Eko’s various API modules.

AePS - With a valid Aadhar number from the customer, merchants can make use of Aadhar enabled Payment System through Eko to transfer money. AePS is a secured and safe cash withdrawal system developed by NPCI.

Easy Cash Deposit and Withdrawal - Your merchants can offer card-less cash withdrawal and deposit services to their customers with an Aadhar linked bank accounts.

Quick Fund Transfer - Sending and receiving money instantly with just the Aadhar number of the customers connected to the bank.

Balance Inquiry & Mini Statement - Customers can check their current balance and print mini-statements from your retailers.

Verification Services §

Customers can verify KYC as well as PAN details through Eko APIs in real-time.

PAN Verification – Eko’s PAN verification API confirms your customer’s PAN Card credentials through its NSDL-powered platform. Businesses can quickly verify the PAN number validity, name of the customer, employee or a merchant, through this facility.

Account Number Verification – Check account number of customers to instantly confirm the details using Eko’s Account number verification API. Businesses can utilize this feature for vendor payments or salary disbursements.

Benefits of EKO APIs §

EKO APIs are widely used across the country by numerous businesses and millions of customers. We leverage more than a decade of expertise and experience in the financial ecosystem to bring technically sound and secure products to you.

Maximize your earnings with Eko APIs suite. Call us now - 8447 509 063 to know more about Eko and our White Label Solutions.

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