What are the API products Eko has to offer?

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Eko Financial Services is India’s most trusted DMT and AePS service provider. With over 13 years of trust, 55 billion users and 500+ fintech clients spread across 1000 cities in India, Eko.in is one of the pioneers in providing APIs for Money Transfer, AePS and Verification purposes.

Eko enables merchants to service ‘cash’ customers with online transaction needs. It has built a high- velocity, small-value, cash collection capability that is already collecting and converting over 8 million USD in cash to digital money every day.

Eko’s API products can be broadly classified into:

Domestic Money Transfer §

Eko’s Domestic Money Transfer API suite enables merchants to offer instant money transfer, anytime and anywhere. Customers who need assistance for transferring money using cash can visit these retailer shops. Partner with us to augment your business and that of your retailers.

Disbursals §

Give your merchants the power of Aadhaar Enabled Payment Services and empower those in the unbanked rural areas.

Verification §

Real-time verification of PAN and Account number gets hassle-free with Eko API solutions.

Why Eko APIs? §

Eko API solutions come with many advantages over its counterparts. These are time-proven solutions that are robust and secured just like your bank’s APIs. Here are some most popular reasons why our merchants preferred us over our counterparts:

White-label Solutions §

With Eko’s expertise and technically advanced solutions, you can now get APIs in your brand name without any strings attached.

Trusted by Millions §

Eko has been an industry leader for over 13 years now. With over 55 billion users already using Eko solutions be it AePS, DMT or Verification.

Best Success Rate §

Our time-tested solutions give you the best transaction success rate. There are very rare occasions of transaction failure, in which case, it is usually sorted out at the earliest.

Best Commissions §

Eko gives you the best commission rates for transactions. With Eko as your API partner, you can enjoy the benefits of the best of all worlds.

Seamless Integration §

Our API solutions are time-tested and your developer can quickly integrate it with your web or app without any hassles.

Comprehensive Documentation §

Your developers will find our documentation very comprehensive and easy to understand for integrating the API into your website or app.

24/7 Technical Support §

Once you purchase the API solutions of your choice, our technical support team helps you integrate the same with your web or app solution.

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