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Are you a developer looking out for robust money transfer, AePS and verification API solutions for your fintech clients? Are you a fintech solution provider looking for white-label API solutions that’s secure and easy to integrate? Are you a reseller looking to earn more with white-label API solutions?

Eko India Financial Services offers you just what you are looking for - AePS, Money Transfer & Verification APIs to enable cash-in and cash-out services for your merchants across India. Eko is a 13-year-old fintech company offering a wide range of cash-out & money transfer solutions across the country. We have built a high- velocity, small-value, cash collection capability that is already collecting and converting over US $8 million in cash to digital money every day.

Integrate Eko APIs from a client-side website or application without exposing your secret-key. Our comprehensive documentation helps your developer to quickly integrate our APIs into your website.

Bouquet API Solutions from Eko §

Eko has been offering fintech solutions enabling and empowering the unbanked rural sectors of the country since 2007. We have developed a range of open-source API solutions and have catered to more than 500+ fintech clients over the last decade. More than 55 million users across 1000+ cities in India are benefitting regularly from Eko solutions. With Eko APIs your business can offer the following digital solutions to your customers:

Why choose Eko APIs? §

Eko comes with more than a decade of experience in the fintech field. We are one of the pioneers in providing Domestic Money Transfer services in India. Our API solutions are time-tested. We are ever-evolving adapting to the changing requirements and updating our technology and security.

Best Success Rate §

You can trust as just like you trust your bank. Our APIs are time-tested to ensure best success rate. Transaction failures occur rarely with our solutions. We ensure that you get the best success rate for every transaction.

Reduced Operational Cost §

Cost-control is key to the success of any business, especially so in these trying times. We value your money and hence, have set up a system that allows your retailers to deposit money directly into your account. This way, you don’t end up needing feet on the ground to collect cash from them.

Highly secure §

At Eko, we are bound to strong ethics and values. We hold the responsibility for ensuring that fund credited as e-money is used for domestic money transfer services only. Preventing e-money misuse is our responsibility.

Comprehensive Solutions §

Over the last decade of being in one of the most competitive industries in the country, we have devised our solutions with much detailing. From getting the customer information to KYC and account verification, check out our vast range of API solutions for your business.

Extensive Documentation §

Having a solution and integrating it successfully, are two different things. You can gain access to our comprehensive documentation about the APIs and how to test and integrate them on your website or mobile app. Our documentation is so vast that it can help anyone with the basic software knowledge to easily integrate our APIs into your software.

For all integration related issues, we provide 24x7 support

Try out our APIs on the Sandboxing Environment

We understand and value your technology investments and your commitment to customers. That’s why we want you to try out our solutions with sample data on our sandboxing environment before you decide to proceed.

Check out our DMT & Indo Nepal Money Transfer API Demo

Check out our AePS API Demo

Leverage from our industry experience. Give your business the Digital Advantage with Eko APIs. Call Us now on: 8447 509 063

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